Where It All Began

It all began many years ago as I’ve always had a fascination for anything electrical and electronic.

Even as far back as primary school I was playing with batteries, bulbs & bits of wire. I was also reading books about electricity and anything electrical.

A friend of my fathers had a hobby of repairing radio and TV sets. I would often visit and watch in awe as he would replace valves and components nursing the equipment back to life.

He realised my burning desire to learn this magic that he performed. I was given a complete set of books with all manner of information regarding valves and the circuits that they were built into.

It’s regrettable that I mislaid these books many years ago as I’m sure they would have increased in value today.

I read the books and tried my hand at repairing valve radios.

I didn’t touch the TV’s at first due to my lack of confidence around the very high voltage used for the picture tube.

When I was about 10 or 12 years old I would spend hours in my fathers shed just listening to the radio.

In the evenings I could receive the foreign stations on a valve shortwave radio that I got working.

My first antenna was just a simple length of wire strung from the shed up to the house guttering. I knew nothing of the relationship between radio frequencies and antenna lengths. Nor did I know anything about propagation and the reasons why I could only hear those distant stations at night.

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