Welz SP-300 SWR & Power Meter

Welz SP-300 SWR & Power Meter
To keep an eye on the SWR of my three antennas the Welz SP-300 does a cracking job. The nice large (100mm x 50mm) moving coil meter is very easy to read.

Most SWR & power meters have a single sensor which means you have to start swapping cables to check different antennas.

This meter has three sensors, two for HF and a third for VHF & UHF. The sensitivity can be set for use with 20 watts, 200 watts or 1000 watts (1KW).

Each sensor and power level is easily selected by buttons on the front panel. The sensor buttons feature an LED which gives visual indication as to which sensor is being measured.

The unit can not only display the SWR & power reading for the selected antenna, but also the amount of reflected power in watts.

Each of the three sensors is in use for each of my radios and antennas as follows:

  1. Sensor 1: Kenwood TS-850s/at
  2. Sensor 2: Yaesu FT-747 GX
  3. Either multiband dipoles or Hustler 5-BTV may be alternated between the TS-850 & the FT747.

  4. Sensor 3: Yaesu FT-7800 with homebrew 2m/70cms antenna
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