Vertex Standard VX-351 PMR

Vertex Standard VX-351 PMR handhelds

I also have a pair of Vertex Standard (Yaesu’s parent company) PMR handheld radios.

These radios are capable of covering the 400 – 470 MHz UHF frequency range across 16 pre-programmed channels. Various methods of access control can be used, such as CTCSS or DCS encoding.
Vertex Standard VX351 PMR Radios

In the UK, these are normally supplied programmed to the 8 licence-free PMR channels. Software to program the channels is available and makes the re-programming of these easy.

Both my VX-351’s are programmed identically, the first 8 channels to the UK PMR frequencies. The remaining 8 channels are programmed for the 70cm calling channel and some local 70cm repeaters.

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