The Microphones

Kenwood MC-60a

To compliment the Kenwood TS-850, I have also purchased a Kenwood MC-60A desk microphone which has a communication type dynamic and unidirectional moving coil microphone element.
Kenwood MC-60a microphone

The MC-60A has a rocker-style switch on the top of the base for the UP and DOWN tuning of compatible Kenwood transceivers. A pre-amp is also built into the base and powered directly from the transceiver.

I rarely use this particular microphone and it’s fair to say I purchased the MC-60A as a piece of nostalgia. As mentioned on the history page, my first radio, a Kenwood TS-430 was paired with a MC-60A at the time of it’s purchase.

Astatic Silver Eagle

In the shack I also have an Astatic Silver Eagle microphone. Normally, this has a very distinctive sound to it due to the crystal microphone element and the built-in pre amplifier.
The crystal element has deteriorated with age to the point where it became unserviceable. Due to the fact that these have not been in production for many years, sourcing a genuine replacement has now become an almost impossible task.
Astatic Silver Eagle

To overcome this problem a Heil HC-4 microphone insert has been installed in the Silver Eagle’s head. The internal wiring in the base has been modified to bypass the pre-amp as this is no longer required. This particular mike is more of a show piece than a mike which is used on a regular basis.

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