Kenwood TS-850 S/AT

Kenwood TS-850 S/AT

The radio I’m now using is a Kenwood TS-850S with the optional automatic antenna tuner (ATU) fitted.
I purchased this radio for a bargain price with a minor, but common, fault; this being very low received audio volume.

Once I had got the radio home and on the workbench I set about the repair and very soon the radio was back in good health once again.
Kenwood TS-850 S/AT

While it was apart I replaced the lithium memory back-up battery as these have a well known problem with leaking causing damage to the PCB, I also noticed it has been fitted with the optional filters, happy days!

The Kenwood is a very capable radio and can transmit from 160m to 10m producing up to 100 watts of RF power, and has general coverage reception from 30KHz to 30.000MHz.

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