The Headsets…

Listening to the radio can sometimes be difficult as a result of external noise or attempting to hear very weak signals. I have two different headsets for this purpose.

I find that using the Heil Proset can considerably increase the intelligibility of received signals. Furthermore, because it’s lightweight, it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Heil Pro-set headset

I have also acquired an Airlite 62 aviation headset and modified it for use with my Kenwood TS-850.
This headset is designed and manufactured in the UK primarily for the aviation sector such as the RAF,
air traffic control etc. The Airlite 62 is available in many options dependant on customer specification.
The headset I have is monaural, 300 ohm microphone, fitted with RAF style plug with an in-line PTT switch.
Airlite 62 aviation headset

To use it with the TS-850 the fitted RAF plug was removed and an 8 pin plug fitted. The new plug is wired
using only the microphone signal and ground wires and the chassis ground wire. I then removed the inline
PTT switch and connected the headphone wires to a 6.5mm mono jack plug.

The PTT switch is now connected via a cable to the “remote” socket on the rear of the Kenwood TS-850. This configuration allows me to use either the headset or my boom mike with the single ptt switch. In addition, I could also use the built in VOX system or the receive/send switch on the radio.

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