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Over the years the radio shack of G7SYW has undergone lots of changes. I take a look back over the years.

2009 Shack

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Yet again moving, and into smaller premises, meant the shack size was seriously reduced. In fact it was reduced to two radios, both being the Yaesu FT-857D, often described as a “shack in a box”. Read Complete Article...

Kenwood TS-850 S/AT

The radio I’m now using is a Kenwood TS-850S with the optional automatic antenna tuner (ATU) fitted.
I purchased this radio for a bargain price with a minor, but common, fault; this being very low received audio volume.
Once I had got the radio home and on the workbench I set about the repair and very soon the radio was back in good health once again.
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Morse code (CW) paddle

Within my station is an MFJ 564 paddle which is used for sending morse code, or CW as it’s also known.
Yes, even though morse code is one of the oldest methods of radio communication, it is still very widely used and popular with operators who prefer to use as little power as possible (QRP) to maintain a contact. Read Complete Article...