2015-2016 Antenna Farm

It wasn’t so much a farm – more like a window box!

HF homebrew multiple dipoles

My last QTH had a tiny postage stamp for a garden, less than 30 feet x 30 feet. Additionally, I also had the problem of overhead power cables that ran parallel with, and about 18 inches away from the back fence, thus installing any kind of HF antenna required a bit of homebrew ingenuity, this is where the ability to experiment with antennas came into play – enter the dipole! Read Complete Article...

Airlite 62 aviation headset

Airlite 62 aviation headset

I have acquired an Airlite 62 aviation headset and modified it for use with my Kenwood TS-850.
This headset is designed and manufactured in the UK primarily for the aviation sector such as the RAF, air traffic control etc. The Airlite 62 is available in many options dependant on customer specification.
The headset I have is monaural, 300 ohm microphone, fitted with RAF style plug without an in-line PTT switch.
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Amateur Callsigns Explained

Licences bearing unique callsigns are issued to every amateur radio operator. Regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the amateur licence callsigns always follow a specific format.
It is this unique callsign that identifies the radio operator while on the air.
Under normal circumstances once issued, amateur callsigns will not be re-issued without good reason, or until a suitable period of time has passed. Read Complete Article...