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Had an interest in radio from a very early age. My first memories of radio was listening to the original Radio Caroline on a transistor radio and not understanding why it disappeared from the airwaves….

2009 Shack

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Yet again moving, and into smaller premises, meant the shack size was seriously reduced. In fact it was reduced to two radios, both being the Yaesu FT-857D, often described as a “shack in a box”. Read Complete Article...

Amateur Callsigns Explained

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Licences bearing unique callsigns are issued to every amateur radio operator. Regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the amateur licence callsigns always follow a specific format.
It is this unique callsign that identifies the radio operator while on the air.
Under normal circumstances once issued, amateur callsigns will not be re-issued without good reason, or until a suitable period of time has passed. Read Complete Article...

May 2017 – New QTH, all change of antennas

At my new QTH I have much more room in which to play with different antennas.
The garden I have at my disposal now would be the envy of a lot of radio amateurs. I am able to erect a full size 80m dipole – that’s 40m in length! Read Complete Article...