A brief introduction

My name is Roger, after successfully passing the exams OFCOM has issued me with a full amateur licence and allocated me the callsign of G7SYW.

So, (Don’t you just hate it when people start a sentence with so?) I was born in North Essex in the early 1960’s.
To some people that makes me ancient, to others, I’m still a spring chicken. You make up your own mind where I fit between those two!

I’ve always possessed a keen interest in radio and most things electrical and electronic in general since about the age of nine or ten.
Using a short-wave radio to listen to foreign radio stations has long been a fascination to me.
I learnt a lot of the inner workings of these radio sets from a friend of my fathers.
I watched intently as he fiddled about with various valves and components to bring “dead” radios back to life.

The hobby of Amateur Radio

G7SYW Cartoon
G7SYW in the radio room!
The site is based around the global hobby of amateur radio, often called “ham radio”.
Ham radio is enjoyed by many different people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The path into the hobby which I took can be found here.

The home to my radio station is the county of Devon in the South-West of the UK. Locator squares are used by radio hams to identify their rough geographical position. The main G7SYW station Locator square is IO80.

A video explaining amateur radio can be seen here